Tools To Help for Fatloss Success 

 September 12, 2020

By  Chanel Stuck

Honestly, fatloss is the goal most people see me for.  What we look at is how are the following areas

  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Sleep
  • Body Comp

There are so many factors into why someone has trouble with fatloss.  Food, Exercise, Stress, Hormones, Sleep … there are a lot of factors to consider.  That is why we get great success having a call to talk through your goals up front.  Discuss these different areas and rate them.  You can book a call here

Once we map out a plan, and you decide to go for it and make these goals happen – you will be linked with some tools for success.  A Macro Calculator to help with food quantities, this is very important as most people do not know how much they need to eat on a daily basis.  If you are eating too much, or too little you will never get the results you are aiming for.  A 21 day food plan, with recipes and a grocery list and more information for you to really learn how your body is working.  Then you will have daily accountability, being added to a Private Facebook group with others on the same path – a support network and place to get coaching, support, new recipes and extra info to help your journey.  This includes daily check ins, and a weekly call to make sure your goals are on track.

Having someone in your corner helps the journey to success, and ensures you make these new things a habit and a lifestyle not just something you try and never get past the first week. 

Check out the results section and our testimonies for tonnes of feedback to see some of the life changing experiences that have taken place.

About the author


I'm  Chanel, 

I studied with Dr Cliff Harvey who has been an expert in Ketosis for many years.  I now practise as at Keto Coach helping others with their health and wellness goals.  I love helping people become a better version of themselves, as I know how amazing I feel after learning about this lifestyle.  Read more>>>

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