Thrive In Menopause

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Thrive In Menopause is a 6-week program that uses high protein eating and intermittent fasting to shed belly fat and thrive in menopause. Working with menopausal women 1 on 1 it’s clear people do not know what to eat to get the results they want with body composition or managing their symptoms. This program will teach you why and how to make the changes and over the 6 weeks create new habits to give you a new lifestyle where you can start “Thriving In Menopause”.

Why Intermittent Fasting?
The only way to lose weight doesn’t matter how you deal with it – has to be a calorie deficit. There are a few different options, Intermittent fasting was the one that worked for me and I still use it. It allows you to regulate your appetite hormones and stabilize your blood sugars which is the foundation of getting things on track.

Why High Protein?
Protein is the most satiating macro, I’ll teach you why. It keeps you fuller for longer and takes longer for the body to digest. It helps stabilize blood sugar, which helps with reducing cravings. It also is essential for building and saving muscle which is one of our goals relative to body composition.

Lots of Veges –
No one ever got fat from eating too many veges. Lots of veges are important. We want a nutrient dense diet so we get all the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy and happy and veges bulk out our food letting us eat a lot more food. (I will advise the best veges of course)

6-week Eating Plan –
Designed online with web and mobile access and recipes connected. You can print recipes and shopping lists.

Recipe Library access –
100’s of recipes so you can mix and match recipes if you wish

Chat Function –
I am here to answer any questions you have directly from the website using the chat box function. Here to help any time, ask me anything

1. Sign Up and get instant access to your own online planning account with the web and mobile app
2.  Apply the Thrive In Menopause Meal Plan to your calendar, print the shopping list and recipes, and get started
3. Follow the plan, ask me questions for individualized support, start getting results and learning and applying and begin to Thrive In Menopause. (also tune into any Facebook lives or extra homework that is added to help you throughout)
4. Use the journal to track your progress