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Thrive In Menopause is a 6-week program that uses high protein eating and intermittent fasting to shed belly fat and thrive in menopause. Working with menopausal women 1 on 1 it’s clear people do not know what to eat to get the results they want with body composition or managing their symptoms. This program will teach you why and how to make the changes and over the 6 weeks create new habits to give you a new lifestyle where you can start “Thriving In Menopause”.

Why Intermittent Fasting?
The only way to lose weight doesn’t matter how you deal with it – has to be a calorie deficit. There are a few different options, Intermittent fasting was the one that worked for me and I still use it. It allows you to regulate your appetite hormones and stabilize your blood sugars which is the foundation of getting things on track.

Why High Protein?
Protein is the most satiating macro, I’ll teach you why. It keeps you fuller for longer and takes longer for the body to digest. It helps stabilize blood sugar, which helps with reducing cravings. It also is essential for building and saving muscle which is one of our goals relative to body composition.

Lots of Veges –
No one ever got fat from eating too many veges. Lots of veges are important. We want a nutrient dense diet so we get all the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy and happy and veges bulk out our food letting us eat a lot more food. (I will advise the best veges of course)

6-week Eating Plan –
Designed online with web and mobile access and recipes connected. You can print recipes and shopping lists.

Recipe Library access –
100’s of recipes so you can mix and match recipes if you wish with an app to use on your phone.

Chat Function –
I am here to answer any questions you have directly from the website using the chat box function. Here to help any time, ask me anything.

1. Sign Up and get instant access to your own online planning account with the web and mobile app
2.  Apply the Thrive In Menopause Meal Plan to your calendar, print the shopping list and recipes, and get started
3. Follow the plan, ask questions for individualized support, start getting results and learning and applying and begin to Thrive In Menopause.                  4.Weekly training at your own speed. Weekly Q & A’s lives to get any questions answered and for weekly giveaways                                                                             5. Use the journal to track your progress



It is a 6 week program. You get meal plans in advance, recipes, shopping lists and weekly instalments of your workbook as we go through the topics. There is a program that houses all of this, including my recipe library you have access to. We will meal prep together on a Facebook live every Sunday night to get ready for the week. Every week I will do a live into a private group to coach on a different aspect of the journey. You have access to ask your questions live on this call. There is a private group for support and community. There is also a journal to use throughout the process to keep track of your journey. You get daily accountability in the Facebook group with a weekly prize for those doing their accountability. Not to mention the awesome supportive community where you will make new friends with other women on the same journey.

Absolutely, this is a nutrition program so we will be doing a module on Protein and this gives you 6 weeks to nail your protein goals and create the habits.

The program is designed so we make our breakfasts and lunch for ourselves. Then the dinners are all made to suit family 4-6 people. So your family will benefit and you will not have to make extra meals.

In the past people in this situation have created a fake Facebook account just to access the program. You do not need to be on Facebook, just need to be able to access the Facebook group.

You get all the info for what you need. You will get weekly shopping lists so you can get all the food you need

If you do the program and commit and follow what I coach, if you do not get any results I have a money back guarantee.

No, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. What I teach here is what has worked for me and many others to help thrive in menopause, get rid of the belly fat and manage symptoms. Learning to intermittent fast like anything can take some time and practice. So we offer you this in a supported environment. Offering you hacks and tricks to make it successful. If you choose not to, you can still follow the plan provided and eat when you like.

I understand sometimes making these changes can be overwhelming. If you cannot stick to the plan or it seems too much, try swapping food that you like and making adjustments to make it work for you. Just starting with intermittent fasting should give your body some helpful changes and know you can keep learning about adjusting your food as you go.

I teach you the tricks for this. It is normal to get hungry when you are learning to intermittent fast, even if you have done intermittent fasting before. Hunger is your body trying to tell you it wants energy. I will show you tips and tricks to make intermittent fasting achievable and time it with your hormones. Especially if you have tried it in the past and struggled.

This plan is for you then, you will tlearn this habit over the next 6 weeks. Meal prep is a small commitment in time for rewards later. So generally it is a habit forming exercise. I understand as I haven’t always meal prepped and it is a skill that I have built. The cool thing is that is a skill you can develop here over the 6 week program. Using the community and myself for support and assistance we can create some new habits for you.

You are an independent adult, you do not have to do anything you do not want to do. I do however recommend daily or once a week filling out your tracking form as this brings awareness and helps you create new habits and it is also a chance to get the best out of the program. Research shows the human beings are terrible at self monitoring and/or recalling. So building this habit will create better success on the program

Alcohol holds 7 cal per gram of energy and is prioritised as energy and processed first by the liver. This means anything else that is consumed at the same time, is put on hold and stored for use later. Also worth noting, alcohol can effect our ability to make the right choices with food. We tend to reach for chips, nuts, junk food etc. when drinking alcohol which are usually higher in calories and not satiating. Depending on your goals you can decide what suits best, or if you need help making that decision message me and we can work it out.

This depends on the type of medication and how often you need to take it. I have helped many people deal with this. So it is often still an option. Message me and we can talk it through.

I’m an athlete too, so I can certainly show you how.

We do not focus on exercise specifically in this program. However, you will get a better outcome if exercise is incorporated – not just in this program, in any program. If for some reason you cannot exercise, please message me and we can discuss. Exercise is the best lever for health. If you cannot exercise you will still get great results creating a solid nutrition foundation as think about how many times a day you put food in your mouth.

You do not have to do anything. It is recommended to weigh and measure portion sizes as this will give you the best outcome for the 6 weeks. I do not think it is a long term habit and wouldn’t suggest it long term, but for a 6 week commitment it will give you the best results to keep you on track and teach you portion sizes.

We will cover these scenarios in the course and teach you skills to deal with these situations. This program is going to teach you how to create a lifestyle that you can continue on with after the 6 weeks. Life includes parties and celebrations, so you will learn skills to deal with this.

Terms and Conditions