Elsbeth Roth -Text Hamilton Island

2001 - I put on a lot of weight after I had Non Hodgkins lymphoma cancer…. Nothing would shift it. 

And working in the Hospitality industry and socialising did not help, love my glass of wine. I also smoked for a few years.… 

But not until I worked at Ayers Rock 2011 for a few years, was I diagnosed with lymphodema… my legs were always a bit swollen, but my legs got so bad, and every time I had just a small scratch, it got badly infected and I needed double anti biotic to heal my legs.

There is no cure for this thing, apart from wrapping your legs and wearing compression stockings. 

Then to top it all off, osteoarthritis on top of it… its in all my bones, so I cannot move much, around. I spend nearly 2 years on crutches. And not until I found CBD oil through a naturopath that I found relief. To this day I take CBD oil when I am in pain. 

I always eaten well, but always eaten too much of the good thing. I love my wine with my food and again always it ends up 2 glasses instead of one glass.   And because my lymph is not working in my body it has been a big, big up and down with weight…. 

And then during Covid lockdown, I found Chanel Keto Coach.  It was the perfect timing because I did have a lot of time to think as I was alone during the lockdown…. Talking to Chanel and using the ketones I found easy to do.  It wasn’t overwhelming, I found it easy to start.

First it was hard around people, we are a small group working together and living next to each other, so there is always the …. “Come over for dinner, or lets have a drink” ….. etc etc

But slowly as I kept strong and they are seeing that I am loosing weight and are now supporting me.  To date I have lost 22kg

 I am learning every day.

  • How to put my meals together
  • The right veggies
  • The right meats fish chicken
  • The right spices
  • What to drink
  • Not having all the lazy keto items.
  • Working out my Macro’s
  • Rebooting
  • Finding it easy with ketones

I have am reading a lot of positive books, doing my affirmations … sharing my journey.

  • I love the reboot
  • I do sleep much better
  • I feel more alive and in a better mood
  • More happier

 I did 2 Reboots in August and this is my 5th one…. It helps so much.

 Having Chanel help coach me has been a huge part in my journey to success, the knowledge, support and recipes have been awesome.  I am so happy.

Alicia Hamlett - Boston, USA

Nine months ago ! YES nine months ago ! I was just starting out on my journey and I was trying very hard to get on a right path to health and wellness. I was struggling with the same 5 pounds back and forth up until May of 2020. I just about thought I was going to give up .... I had really had it and my motivation was gone. I was willing to accept another failure and just move on ....

Nothing was really wrong ... that I could figure out at the time, I was stressed about not being able to change my body composition and felt like I wasn’t going to be able to get back to my healthy self again. I that made me unhappy. Being on the Keto diet was working for my dad and brother, it just wasn’t doing anything for me. So that too was hard ... watching them lose a lot of weight and me go back and forth with the same 5 pounds.

I realized if I was struggling then there were others struggling too. And how could I go on talking about Keto and how it works if I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So I set out and did some research. And stumbled across Chanel Keto Coach, and the different strategies offered to change my health.

With Chanel’s coaching I realized that this journey wasn’t just about the numbers on the scale but about a total lifestyle change and made a commitment to that.  Having the knowledge, support and ability to ask questions whenever I needed really helped.  Also learning more about how to eat to suit my life ... my body composition started changing immediately with many benefits including better energy, sleep, mood and focus too.

And so here’s the thing,  I wish I’d learned this earlier ... I just wasn’t in the right mindset or in the right community of thinkers. Having someone to support me helped me move through the hurdles and I have better tools to equip myself going forward.  I am excited for the future and proud of what I’ve achieved.  To date I’ve lost 17kgs

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