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Thrive In Menopause 6 Week Program – OPEN for FEB 5th START

(2 customer reviews)


6 week program to Thrive In Menopause by mastering your nutrition.


A 6 week program to learn to Thrive In Menopause. 

In the 6 week program we step through the stages so you can get the following outcomes, addressing my core belief that women can Thrive In Menopause and maintain body composition when they master their nutrition and lifestyle.  For those wanting to really maximise this here are the details for the 6 weeks:


  • Learn about Food and why changing it in Menopause is important
  • Daily accountability to get your goals
  • Continue fat loss goals that we started on the 7 Day Protein Challenge  (if the menopausal belly fat is frustrating you)
  • A meal plan to follow for 6 weeks to achieve this (and all the recipes attached)
  • Shopping Lists
  • Chat function to message me any time
  • Private Facebook Group for community support and comradery (like you just experienced)
  • Learn what food is best for Exercise
  • Access to my Recipe Library full of High Protein recipes
  • Why Protein is important
  • Better energy
  • Change Bad Habits
  • Decreased cravings
  • Increased mental clarity, no more brain fog
  • Decrease menopause symptoms and be able to manage them better
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood
  • Increased focus, get the brain working better
  • Journal to journey your progress
  • Weekly Tracker for accountability


after you have purchased you will be added to the Facebook Group, and create your account in our Program.


2 reviews for Thrive In Menopause 6 Week Program – OPEN for FEB 5th START

  1. Carol Mildenhall

    Started with Chanel Stuck on the free protein challenge and enjoyed it and learnt that I was not even eating enough protein to support my vital organs never mind trying to build muscle. I have a back ground of CrossFit so I did know what I was supposed to be doing but post menopause and selling my business got in the way, Chanel has turned my life around am back training 5 days a week and have loses weight and centimetres around my belly whooooh. Looking forward to another 6 weeks. ❤️Carol

    • Chanel Stuck

      thank you Carol. So proud to see you get your goals

  2. Julie McGarry

    I have been working with Chanel 1 to 1 for some time now . I have also done her protein challenge as well as Thrive in Menopause programs
    When I started I was suffering with hot flashes night sweats anxiety and a bit of extra weight
    Chanel has taught me so much
    Firstly I was under eating and not consuming nearly enough protein
    With her help I am feeling so much better. I have hit my weight goals I’m excelling with my workouts and have hit and surpassed some personal weight lifting goals
    So appreciative of Chanel and all her knowledge
    Continue to work with her and look forward to continuing to work towards being the best version of me

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