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2024 90 Day Accelerator Plan

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This workshop is for any of you who have said “The Diet starts Monday!” Except this time it is not a diet, and it’s gonna start in 2024.
If you are reading this, then I am here to show you the blue print and a plan to work for YOU! This is about having a plan that you know is going to work, because you have set aside the time to learn why and how you are going to implement it.

During the workshop you will learn (in no particular order):
• Goal setting, an important process in achieving your outcomes
• Nutrition 101, education is power. When we know better, we do better.
• How much protein and how to prioritise protein. Protein is the Queen
• Find out how many Carbs  you need to consume.
• How to build your plate (your nutrition) so you can navigate when eating out and on holidays
• Planning Meals – planning for success
• Meal Prepping – a non-negotiable for success with eating. Learn my tips and tricks.
• How can you save time in your week? Talking through time saving strategies
• Prioritising what you need to work on is it nutrition, exercise, stress management etc
• Wheel of Life training – this is a game changer
• Exercise – what should you be doing?
• Accountability, how will you keep yourself on track?

As cliché as it sounds lets make 2024 the best year yet. This blue print for success is the perfect way to see yourself clear to start with a bang! Are you in?

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