I wish I had someone to help me understand food and how to use it correctly to enhance my life and thrive at any age. Asking for help is a super-power, so now you can get help.

Our conversations are not just about nutrition, they can be about anything in your life – training, sleep, relationships, stress, sex, personal development …. Anything that is going on in your life.

To create lifestyle changes that will see you creating new behaviours and habits will take some time working together. We will create a plan, test it out, get your feedback, change it up if needed, re-test. Masterminding challenges and creating new ways to journey through your days creating a lifestyle that you love.

What does this look like?

1. Book an initial call. We will talk through your current situation and gather info to create a plan for you together based off your current information, lifestyle and goals.

2. Each week you will have an online check-in form. This is a chance to gather data and also reflect on what went well and what we need to improve on in the coming week, addressing any challenges.

3. Feedback is sent following your check in to help support and address any challenges you are facing. To make sure you are moving towards your goals i.e. send new recipes if needed.

4. Fortnightly calls are included. These are booked through calendly and are 30 min calls with Chanel to really dive into your journey.

5. There will be challenges for sure – it is what is expected, this is where you need support the most. This is why we have a 12 week initial commitment – because life is life and there is no perfect time to start. We need help navigating through the ups and downs and changing habits and behaviors takes work. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Let’s get your goals together!

The finer points (terms and conditions)

Initial commitment and cancelling policy

The minimum subscription is 12 weeks, the coaching will automatically continue beyond 12 weeks. If something outside of your circumstances pops up, we can put your coaching on hold until you are ready – this can only happen once) you agree to complete the full 12 week minimum term. The subscription will continue beyond 12 weeks and be terminated upon the clients request. To cancel, please email chanelstucknutrition@gmail.com. Terminating your subscription early will incur fees, the fee is the remaining balance of the minimum time requirement.

For example, if you have 6 weeks left of your 12 week initial commitment, you will cover the fees for 6 weeks if you wish to cancel.

Coaching expectations

This is 1:1 coaching with weekly online check-ins and fortnightly 30 min calls. This comes with a nutrition plan and there is in-person coaching. Calls can be phone calls or zoom calls depending on what suits you. Calls are to be booked in by yourself using the calendly app.

Coach access

Coaching is Monday to Friday. You are welcome to reach out outside of your check-in, we typically take less than 24 hours to reply!

Christmas break

We shut down the business for one week every year, this is during Christmas and New Years. Part of signing on with us means that you accept and agree to this, it allows to take a week off once a year! At any other point, if I am unavailable, your membership will be paused until I return. This is extremely rare but can happen.

We are not doctors

Chanel Stuck Nutrition does not offer services beyond it’s scope of practice, any feedback provided should not be considered health or medical advice, we are nutrition coaches with the appropriate certificates, not specialists, dieticians. Always consult with your doctor or physician on any matters regarding your health. If you have any exisiting medical conditions your doctor will need to authorise us working together.

Weekly Subscription

$ $72.15 Per Week ($65 + GST)
  • $9.28 Per Day
  • weekly subscription
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • weekly check-ins
  • fortnightly calls
  • nutrition plan

Monthly Subscription

$ 309.85 Per Month ($65/wk + GST)
  • $9.28 Per Day
  • Monthly subscription
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • weekly check-ins
  • fortnightly calls
  • nutrition plan
Terms and Conditions