Menopause Mentoring 

 December 28, 2021

By  Chanel Stuck

"Waking in the night with hot flushes and not being able to get back to sleep because you don't even recognise who you are anymore!"

Menopause Mentoring

Feeling exhausted, emotional, unattractive and out of ideas?  Loosing touch with what makes you happy?

Chocolate makes you happy but giving it up is just too much to bear, to loose those extra kilos.

HELP IS HERE, Let's get YOUR OLD SELF BACK using my C.H.I.L.L Protocol


I'm Chanel.  I'm a 48 year old wife and mum to three girls.  I love fitness, food & enjoying life and I'm also in menopause.  By sharing what I have learnt as my time as an athlete, studying ketosis and fasting, also  bio-hacking myself and testing different things I feel better now at 48 than I did when I was 21.  My hope is to help others do the same.

The topics we will cover in each module (in no particular order)

  • Food
  • Supplementation
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Sex Life
  • Sleep
  • Gut Health
  • Fitness and Recovery
  • Ketones & Ketosis
  • Water
  • Mental Health / Stress Management
  • Morning Routine

 You will learn my tips and tricks for success and living a "Super Charged Life" and the key to why I feel better at 48 than I did when I was 21. 

The homework will have you implementing these skills, and each week you can pick my brain on the private Q & A Zoom so its understood correctly and applied to your life, as everyone's life is different.  Combined with restoring energy, sleep, removing brain fog and hitting fat loss (if that is a goal) you will get YOUR OLD SELF BACK.

How would that make you feel?

It is time to PRIORITISE YOURSELF and put yourself first.

I used to wake up tired, exhausted after a terrible night sleep with menopausal symptoms.  My mood was low and my brain fog made it difficult to feel excited about the day - let alone my sex life.  The belly fat had me miserable and feeling crap about myself.  I now wake up feeling ready to win the day, excited for what the day will bring, ready to go train and happy to fit my clothes.  Sex life is great and we all know how important that is.  I know you can thrive in menopause and I can wait to help you too

Join Here & Learn To Thrive In Menopause

Basic course



  • Video Content
  • Print-Out
  • Homework

If you want to chat about how I can help here is my calender: https://calendly.com/chanelstuck 

About the author


I'm  Chanel, 

I studied with Dr Cliff Harvey who has been an expert in Ketosis for many years.  I now practise as at Keto Coach helping others with their health and wellness goals.  I love helping people become a better version of themselves, as I know how amazing I feel after learning about this lifestyle.  Read more>>>

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