How Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb Work For Me 

 October 2, 2020

By  Chanel Stuck


How Intermittent Fasting & low carb work for me to get the best energy, focus, mood & sleep

At age 47 I’ve never felt better ... I talk about what I do in my day to maximise my energy, focus, mood& sleep

Hey so today I'm going to share what works for me what I've discovered and what makes me feel like the optimized version of myself and my success with intermittent fasting so intermittent fasting has definitely been a tool that I've added into my health and wellness regime it wasn't something that i found easy initially so i will share with you literally what i do in a day. I'm 47 i have three daughters i feel like I'm living my best life i feel better than i did when i was 20. I'm in menopause I'm not having any symptoms so obviously whatever is I'm doing is working which is great so literally I do intermittent fast which means that I have dinner at night I wake up in the morning and i don't usually eat until 12. That's just something i have actually built into my routine now so i do use these ketones these exogenous ketones as a tool to help me fast they literally give me energy they're like a fuel source for your body so these were a game changer in helping me be able to intermittent fast and the reason i do intermittent fast now is really for brain function for focus it helps me stay really productive and on task so uh but but i am a keto coach i have actually studied and helped people with their health and wellness so we use this as a great tool to help people get great fat loss results so using intermittent fasting and these ketones as a tool that combination gets really awesome fat loss results so that is something to bear in mind a fat loss is a goal for you I am a coach so I'm happy to chat to you about your goals if you want to do that today I'm just sharing with you basically what i do on a daily basis so i get up in the morning i have a glass of water with some pink himalayan sea salt i have a cup of tea and then i make my ketones and usually drink them on the way to dropping my daughter off at school so i drink them over about 20 to 30 minutes and they are like fuel for my fuel tank so then i before i finish my fast i you'll see me if you follow me on instagram or Facebook and watch my stories you'll see me post my food and what i do but i love keto hot chocolate so you'll see me using this product called keto cream i use harvest i shave this and cacao and i make a delicious uh hot chocolate so i usually break my fast with um one of those and that's like just something i really enjoy to do i don't drink coffee so i make a keto coffee for my husband using this product uh it doesn't break your fast it's got collagen in it Mct oil and it's super easy because you can literally keep it in your bag and just have it wherever you are if you're traveling that sort of thing so then i eat at about 12 I prioritize protein in my diet so you'll see if you follow me over on social media i post my my food like maybe protein waffles or maybe it's eggs it could be today i made some quesadillas like using chicken and so i usually try and share my food cause every other foods then in the afternoon you'll see me use uh the ketones again to make a keto smoothie we're a fan of smoothies they're just filling i i put protein powder in them i use the ketones because that's the fuel source um and some berries like i have a whole bunch of different flavors so uh different recipes that i use for smoothies so I'll have a keto smoothie in the afternoon i do like sweet things so maybe I'll have a keto bowl or some sort of keto treat with a cup of tea then I'll have a keto style meal at dinner so i find at dinner time I really don't need carbs so i usually will have protein and vegetables i just find that's what works for me I find if i eat too many carbs at dinner time I'm hungry when I'm fasting the next day and that does not work very well so through the day at some point and this changes if you follow us on instagram you'll see uh i will i will train so whether today i haven't trained yet I'll train today around five o'clock I'll do some heavy squatting or a met con some street parking so before my workout I'll use this product this is multiplex it is an upgraded electrolyte so this is all i have before training this is amazing this actually works on the mitochondria of your cell which is where the energy is produced um so it is also got vitamin d in it it's got some creating

they taste really good but they are really awesome they're like like a like a like an engine supplement if you were you know like what do you like like I'm not a car person but you know you give your engine additives to make it run better this is what this is like it is awesome so that's what i have before exercise and then after exercise i love to have our keto pro so this is ketone infused protein and this is one of my favorite products it's delicious but it's also really an awesome recovery product so that's what i have after training um and then yeah you'll see i do like making sweets I've got a really great protein mug cake that I'll have but i know what I'm eating so i kind of track using my fitness pal or i kind of know what how many calories i need to eat on a day so that kind of lets me fluctuate and work out what i do and don't need to eat for the day so if i want to have a protein mug cake after dinner then I know I've either got to modify what I'm having in the afternoon or make sure that there's space for it in the day so i help a lot of people in my age group that are menopausal hormonal so there's different tips and tricks that come into play that can help with the menopausal symptoms that you're experiencing uh but basically if you would like to I coach people so you can book my calendar we can have a chat talk through your goals um i really share what works for me and uh the success that i get and then help people depending on what they're looking for so that is me that is how my day goes um i will add I do do an extended fast once a month so i do this reboot this is the reboot kit so i do commit to an extended fast once a month this is a 60-hour fast so the kit supports you it is everything you need for the 60 hours so you literally just don't eat food for that six hours but you've got different products in here that support you this has been a game changer to my health and I definitely think it must be helping with my lack of menopause symptoms

so my immunity is just fortified i just really don't get sick i um yeah so i there's anti-aging benefits that I'm a fan of for sure as you get older so so i do that once a month as well so those are sort of that's sort of the the game plan of how i live um and yeah that's my my goal today was just to share that with you lots of people reach out to me all the time asking me what i do so that is a road map of my day and how i function but please reach out grab me on instagram I'll drop the links in the comments and follow along and i would love to help if you need so thanks for tuning in today

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I'm  Chanel, 

I studied with Dr Cliff Harvey who has been an expert in Ketosis for many years.  I now practise as at Keto Coach helping others with their health and wellness goals.  I love helping people become a better version of themselves, as I know how amazing I feel after learning about this lifestyle.  Read more>>>

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