Benefits of a 24 Hour Fast 

 October 6, 2023

By  Chanel Stuck

there are many

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I'm  Chanel, 

I studied with Dr Cliff Harvey who has been an expert in Ketosis for many years.  I now practise as at Keto Coach helping others with their health and wellness goals.  I love helping people become a better version of themselves, as I know how amazing I feel after learning about this lifestyle.  Read more>>>

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  1. This is the first time listening to your podcast and I’m already hooked. I’ll be turning 67 next month and have been slowly gaining weight since turning 60 despite being a triathlete and training 6 days a week. My question is, when I come home (I workout at 5:00a) especially after swimming, I’m absolutely starving. What do i do??? I really need help with managing my nutritional needs and learning more about fasting. Help!

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