Learn how much protein to eat and why its important in menopause

FREE 7-Day Protein Challenge for anyone on their menopause journey wanting to learn how prioritizing protein can make a difference to your health and wellness goals. Food has to change in this stage, for you to be able to thrive in menopause. This is a choice, let’s learn how to do this the right way so you feel your best. The best info you will learn and 100% FREE.

If you are already on the menopause train, or maybe perimenopause or even post you have to put yourself first ….


In this FREE 7-Day Protein Challenge, we’ll be teaching you why prioritizing protein is so important and how to do it, you will look to achieve:

Join us for this FREE 7-Day Protein Challenge starting Saturday, 1st June 2024, run out of a private Facebook group. (so make sure you get the email with the link and get into the facebook group)
My BEST work yet! 

Get ready to learn and get recipes, tips, and tricks for success 😬
See you in the challenge!

Chanel Stuck

Hi, I’m Chanel
Most of you know I have been managing my menopause journey over the past 8 years. I have tried lots of different natural things to get myself back on track. During that time I have become a nutritionist, because the biggest impact has been on my food and the changes I have made. As a nutritionist, generally, most people are not eating enough protein and there are reasons for that. So I am going to teach people how to do it. My goal is to “Thrive In Menopause” and now I help others do the same.

I am offering a FREE 7-day challenge where you learn how much protein you need to be eating to thrive in menopause, and also how to do it. It is a challenge because each day you will need to be accountable and do some things so we can get you some wins by the end of the 7 days. This is a snapshot into the 6-week program I run “Thrive In Menopause”, so you will get to have a sneak peek into the program and see what it’s going to be like and how I coach.

Before I got my nutrition sorted out I was having menopause symptoms, hot flushes waking me in the night, not sleeping well, waking up exhausted, and brain fog, it was affecting my exercise and ability to work out, I was moody, I had the menopausal belly fat and felt 4 months pregnant, it was not a fun time.

When you know what to eat in menopause and understand why it makes the biggest difference. Not only to get rid of the belly fat but also to get your menopause symptoms under control so you can enjoy this stage.

You are here because you want changes, you want to learn and you have goals. You know you need to do something different, well you are in the right place!

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