5 Obstacles to A Healthy Lifestyle 

 June 13, 2021

By  Chanel Stuck

1. I Don’t Have Time

We find ourselves in this day and age constantly feeling like we have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Planning your health in front of your other priorities is the first step, making them a non-negotiable in your calendar. Then thinking of ways to multi-task, especially on the weekend. Can you combine your date night with a yoga class or bike ride? Can you do a family hike.

2. I Don’t Have Any Support

Sometimes it feels like the people closest to us can sabotage us. Telling them your intention and asking them to support you will help change this. They then become part of the journey. It’s important to tell them why you want to make these changes and what it will mean to you, so they understand the importance of their support in this process. It also helps you to have accountability.

Menopause and Intermittent Fasting 2

3. I Just Want To Do This On My Own

You may think you do not need support, instead get to work and have people notice once you start seeing results. This is setting yourself up for failure. It is proven that without support and accountability long term results are difficult. (This is one of the reasons I recently returned to CrossFit after working out from home). Telling your friends and family gives accountability but also when you say what you want out loud your brain starts finding ways to make it happen. Even more powerful if you can make a vision board.

4. Its Winter (or Summer)

Sub in the climate that’s appropriate – it is an easy way to find excuses. It’s too cold and dark in winter, I’ll wait for summer. It’s too hot and sweaty in summer I can’t stand the heat (you get what I mean here). Embrace the climate and set yourself up for it with the appropriate clothing or whatever necessary to get over the hurdle. For me it’s a quick cup of tea to warm me up before I hit the training and getting my clothes out and ready the night before.

5. I’m Too Tired

This is no joke – being tired and fatigued kills motivation for sure. This requires a deeper look into what is causing the fatigue. Are you sleeping well? Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is super important. Can you go to bed earlier? Are you eating well, is the food you are eating getting turned into good energy (a whole blogpost coming up on this one) If you are not sure about the food question, start a food diary for a couple of weeks so you can take a good look at what you are putting into your body? How is your caffeine intake (this can work against you) Do you take supplements. When is the last time you had a check-up or had your bloods taken to check your levels? Personally, I suffered badly in this department and have explored every aspect to improve each area. The reason I love and recommend the ketones so much is because they are a fuel source for the body. I was sleeping 8-9 hours a night, waking up tired and exhausted every day. The ketones gave me energy straight away and enabled me to get that energy back into my body asap so I could then start looking closely at what was going on inside, so I didn’t have to suffer through the process of finding out what the problem was (and I did have a few issues to deal with). If you are in this situation, it may be a helpful took to restore your energy while you are in the process of discovery. Energy and motivation are best friends so adding them could be the tool that helps kick it all into place. Personally, I’m so grateful I could add them and stop napping and feel better as soon as I started drinking them. I coach people and share how I personally tackled each area to now feel better at 48 than I did when I was 21. The cool thing it is not about getting older – YAY!

If you want to chat about how I can help here is my calender: https://calendly.com/chanelstuck 

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I studied with Dr Cliff Harvey who has been an expert in Ketosis for many years.  I now practise as at Keto Coach helping others with their health and wellness goals.  I love helping people become a better version of themselves, as I know how amazing I feel after learning about this lifestyle.  Read more>>>

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